About us

By accumulation of economic pressures and arranging Financing Solutions,Asan Tahator Office announced its activities and it started getting members through its website, www.iibc.ir .
Asan Tahator International Trade Company has been established for carrying out legal and commercial obligations of barter transactions; furthermore, it could arrange its foreign trade network in Persian Gulf, West Europe, and South-east Asia.
Utilizing the banking, financial, and commercial experts, this center has been succeeded in providing appropriate services to domestic industries and factories and also it could manage suitable relations with oil and petrochemical companies.
The research and development department of the center in order for handling and neutralizing those pressures’ effects has practically or theoretically played role in numerous plans for public and private sectors since 2 years ago.
Furthermore, this company, by reducing trade barriers and developing the relations is still furnishing its former services to appropriate costumers.
Mention should be made that the recommended services of this center for utilizing barter operation in todays conditions of Iran are joining this center and concluding mid-term and long-term contracts for receiving barter services.
Our main mission is paving the path and supplying facilities on currency, debts, and commodity barter among Iranian companies and their foreign parties. The defined mission will be done at international level, in independent path, and with SWIFT-free services. So, implementing Barter services mostly reduce the barriers before Iran foreign trade.
The services of this company have been arranged since 2011 based on bartering foreign trade documents and debts of Iranian companies with the ones belongs to foreign trusted companies eventuating to cost reduction in comparison with the practice exchange companies. In 10/15/2013 Expediency Discernment Council issued a recommendation letter to Central Bank of Iran and Ministry of Mine, Industry, and Trade for taking advantage of services of this company through foreign financial and commercial processes. On top of giving services to petrochemical and other similar companies, this center could provide a range of services to Airlines as well.